Sunday, August 01, 2010

Sentimental Sunday: Ordinary Things

Important Items
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I think I have become the "queen of bubble wrap" while packing to move. I keep finding items that I consider to be precious items even though their monetary value is low. I am so sentimental about this little collection of desk items.

The flatiron to the left is an Order of the Eastern Star paperweight. Although my maternal grandfather and his brother were Masons, I don't have an records of their wives being OES. But, this was on his desk along with the duck paper clip next to it. The other flat iron paperweight was my mother's.

The scissors were mine and I used to have two pairs. One for home and one that I kept in my bedroom at my grandparents. I was so spoiled that I had a bedroom there too! I lost one pair of scissors while teaching my daughter to use them. We hunted and hunted but somehow they got into the trash that day.

The leather bookmark fits on the side of a page and reads, "I fell asleep here". I plan to keep it in my nightstand next to my bed from now on. Maybe it will help me sleep.

The last item is my Goofy pencil sharpener which was in my Christmas stocking long, long, ago. It doesn't sharpen anymore but every time I see it I smile.Just think, it is probably 55 years old.

Isn't it amazing what we find important?

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