Thursday, September 30, 2010

Pan Burying Ground

Pan Burying Ground
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The weather for the rest of this week did not look good, so yesterday my "boneyard buddy" who is my newly retired husband Steve, and I pulled out the cemetery bag, the new mirror, put on our old clothes and waterproof shoes. We joyfully got into the car and headed past the numerous apple orchards in this area to the most lovely Pan Burying Ground in the next town.

This cemetery is visible from the exit off Rt. 495 and I vowed I wasn't going back on the highway again until we took a closer look at it.

What you can see in this photo is the watering hose that the town has put out to water the newly planted trees outside of the stone wall of the cemetery.

This is Massachusetts Historical Cemetery 801. It used to be known as the East Burying Ground. It is not the oldest cemetery in Bolton.

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