Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sentimental Sunday: Us

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Someday, this will be a sentimental photo like the one I found of my parent's neighborhood in my grandparents Kodachrome slide collection. When our daughter and son-in-law stopped by this morning, we were finally sitting in our porch chairs having coffee.

We walked to the nearby Dunkin Donuts that is behind our house and although I have been by it in the car, I did not notice the crosswalk from our area across the busy street next to us. The access road is between our house and the one next door and all week I have observed folks walking or running on it!

We haven't got very many neighbors as yet. The house on the other side is finished and available.

We are called Golden Village and we will probably be the oldest couple to live here.

My husband has the unpleasant task of cleaning out his parent's apartment and making sure his father's clothes get to the nursing home where he lives. Next Sunday, we have her memorial service.

He found several boxes of unorganized family photos. I went through all of them looking for photos for the service and found a few suitable ones.

It is going to be a big job organizing and scanning all of them.

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Russ said...


Gotta visit you this Fall. We are planning a tip to the Cape, then up to Maine.

Dunkin Donuts caught my eye.

I am doing the same thing. Going through some genealogy treasures. Old photo's and papers. Getting them ready to Scan and file so that I can find them.

One find, the receipt for my mothers engagement ring.

Thanks for sharing your moving in.