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 Tombstone Tuesday: Joseph Frazel

Around the Frazel monument at Maplewood Cemetery are two rows of granite headstones. This one is next to the wall and reads simply "Father". There is no corresponding inscription on the monument but we know that his headstone indicates the burial location for Joseph Frazel. Yesterday's post tells the story of the stone wall.

It is only in the past month that I have known much about my husband's paternal great grandfather beyond his name, place he came from, and his religion (Lutheran). I did have a birth, marriage and death date.The death date comes from asking questions years ago.

My father-in-laws notes (from his mother's "papers" which we have not found in my in-law's belongings) say that the family arrived in Marlboro in 1892. The 1920 census agrees with this date. They came from Nova Scotia directly to Massachusetts. Joseph married at Pleasant River, Naomi Fancy on 7 May 1874 at the age of 21. Prior to that he is listed with his parents in the 1871 census of Canada.

I have no early photographs of him but their are several of him taken in Marlborough.  I was delighted to finally find the "connection" to the wall. The 1910 census lists him as a stone mason (the others says simply laborer)

So, both my husband and I have granite-in-our-blood.

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