Monday, November 08, 2010

Southborough Rural Cemetery

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This past week (in the rain), my husband Steve and I went out in search of a cemetery in a nearby town where his ancestors are buried.

Last July, before we moved, I found the Southborough Rural Cemetery listed in a project of that local Historical Society. I pulled out his charts and looked at my tree at Ancestry and was convinced that this was the right place.

We looked up the road it is listed on by using Google Maps and together investigated the area. It looked like it was really only a few minutes away so we put the "cemetery bag" in the car, I grabbed the camera and the folder I made for the cemetery and off we went!

Steve always says that we should locate the cemetery and then go back after we know where it is. It would have to be a blizzard or have locked gates for me not to get out of the car. But, I agreed and now I have plans to go back when we get another good day.

I did my homework and it always pays off. Let's go through the process in the next few blog posts. But, here as a teaser, is the front of one of his ancestor's gravestones.


Russ said...


Can't wait to learn how you prepare.

I have ancestors buried 19.2 Miles from Steve's.

Thank you,


Kellie said...

What a gorgeous stone!