Friday, February 04, 2011

Places Lived

Clip 1930 Dedham
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In order to understand the early life of my father-in-law, we must examine the many places he lived.

We know that he was born in Hudson and lived in Dedham, MA and Barrington, RI before he married. As a genealogist, I know that the census tells us whether a house was rented or owned. I like to record the street name and number.

Phares and Linda moved to Dedham, MA and my father-in-law graduated from Dedham High School before he went to college at Brown University.

I couldn't read the census record (for 1930), so I gritted my teeth and started a search of the city directories for Dedham. This is a clip of the 1930 listing. I went backwards from here and found the 1928-1929 listing which was the same.

But, in 1926-1927, the family lived at 27 Myrtle [St.] in East Dedham. We won't know exactly when they moved to Dedham if I don't keep working on this!

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