Sunday, March 13, 2011

Faces of Boys

Faces of Boys by midgefrazel
Faces of Boys a photo by midgefrazel on Flickr.
I read as many books and articles about gravestone studies as I can but one of my favorites is by Marilyn Yalom. [] I borrowed it from my local library system and decided that it was a book that belonged in my library. It is simply that great a resource!

Instead of purchasing it in print, I decided to look for an electronic version and to my delight, it was available in nook format so I could read it on my nook, my iPod touch and now my iPad. At $16.50 it was more affordable than the print version. It is also available in Kindle format.

Last fall, I developed a course, Cemetery Research 101: Dig up Your Family History for Family Tree University for beginner to intermediate family historians. During that development, I identified many articles and books that I had been using over the years. The course not only included my fabulous lessons but many articles for download that have appeared over the years in Family Tree Magazine. Famous genealogists have authored these articles and my students have remarked that gathering them in one place had really helped them be ready for cemetery adventures.

Imagine my surprise, while reading in Yalom's book, mention of a gravestone here in Stow, MA of some significance. I had already photographed it but only the top because I loved the design.  Today, I went back because I wanted to know more...

Aren't you curious about these three faces?

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Tex said...

Thanks so much for this recommendation, Midge. I've been looking for a book like this, and BONUS!, I can put it on my color nook.