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One Billion Graves Gathered Posts

1BGraves by midgefrazel
1BGraves, a photo by midgefrazel on Flickr.
One Billion Graves is an app for the iPhone. (this is the icon shown here) Associated with the app is a Web site where uploaded gravestone photos can be transcribed (by anyone). You simply need to register and respond to the received email. The developers of the app report that a version for Android smartphones will be available soon.  The name of the developer is AppTime, LLC and they are the developers for another app for genealogists and family historians called MobileTree. (I don't use this app having already purchased FamView some time ago.) Find My Ancestor's Review

Released on 26 May 2011 in time for the Memorial Day weekend was a great idea. In fact, it was such a great idea, that the company probably got a bit overwhelmed. My username and password still do not work consistently but I am patiently waiting for that to be resolved. [Update: I am now using the second account I set up that had a confirming email and I logged out of the account on the app with the user account that was inconsistently working and logged in with the one that works! Good.]

First reported by Dick Eastman in his blog and tweet many of us techno-geeks jumped on the bandwagon early because the app was reported to be free for a limited time. On Friday, 27 May, GeneaPress, reported the news about this new technology tool.

Several genealogists have been reporting about their experiences, impressions and suggestions for improvement:

Taneya's Genealogy Blog
Find My Ancestor Blog  and his second post
Amy's Genealogy etc. Blog and her second post

Yesterday, I had an email conversation with Kristy Stewart who works at the company who thanked me for my patience and asked me to work with them on this app. As technology as it applies to genealogy is one of my specialties as a professional genealogist and gravestone photography is another, I think this is a good fit for me. I continue to see how the three blogs listed above are progressing.

One Billion Graves has a blog that you might like to follow, too. They are @BillionGraves at Twitter

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