Thursday, June 02, 2011

They Loved the Arts

Last week I explored a local cemetery in Stow, MA called Brookside Cemetery. Near the front of the cemetery was a new headstone and I photographed the back of it. I was quite surprised that the surname was not carved on the front as the headstones usually are.

The names of these people seemed familar. But, I have not lived here long enough to know anyone, so when I came home, I pulled out the Images of America book that I received as a gift when I moved and sure enough, there is a photograph of this couple in the book! It is always great to see a photo of the people whose gravestone I have photographed. Well, no wonder, I said to myself, this lady wrote a book on the History of Stow.

I was really glad to see that they have a "front row" spot in the cemetery so they can keep up with the community. Mr. Childs owned an art gallery in Boston.

Here's a link to the photo as Blogger and Flickr don't seem to be cooperating today.

I found a copy of her book at so I put it on my wish list. By the way, this blog post was inspired by Marian's recent post about local history books.

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