Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Village of North Stonington

Dudley Wheeler Stewart ran the General Store in the Village of North Stonington, CT from about 1860 after serving some kind of clerkship in Norwich, CT where he lived in 1850 (before his marriage).

Dudley's parents lived up the hill (from where I stood to take this photo) on the street called Stewart Hill Road. It has been renamed to Wyassup Road.

Dudley was the last child born to Edward and Rebecca Stewart. In my family Bible his parent's marriage date is given but his parents dates of birth and death are not given.

This led me to wonder if he did not know this information when his wife wrote all of the family information in the book. It is her handwriting as I have several other documents written by her. I might add that ALL of the dates on the pages written by her I have been able to confirm by vital record, census or gravestone. She must have been a dynamo.

As 1850 is the first "all names" census, I spent a very long time trying to find Dudley in 1850. He was of age then. As I continued with researching this family I found out a great deal about them.

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