Wednesday, July 20, 2011


I love to look up ancestors in the CD I purchased with the work by James Savage, one of New England's earliest genealogists. His work is based on Farmer's Register, a man with even earlier genealogical works! The abbreviations alone are amazing.


"Daniel, Newton, s. of the first Jonathan of the same, m. 1696, Sarah, d. of his cous, Job Hyde, has Sarah, b. 17 Dec. 1697, d. next year..."

Of course, the marrying of his cousin got my attention. This was a hint, that figuring out my husband's family in Newton, MA was going to be either fun OR a pain.

According to a compiled genealogy on this family, there was a man in England whose name was Robert HYDE who married Alice CROMPTON. Two of their sons, Samuel and Jonathan came to America. Dates here are not confirmed by vital records.

Samuel (1610-1687) had a son named Job (1647-1685) who had a daughter named Sarah. That Sarah HYDE married Daniel HYDE, who was the son of Jonathan. That made the bride and groom first cousins once removed. Just to make things more complex, this couple had a son that they named Job.(1707-1768) who married Prudence HYDE (1717-1785). It is likely that these people would have gravestones for me to find in Newton Center Cemetery.

Job and Prudence had a son named Ebenezer whose gravestone may be in Dodge Cemetery in Sutton, MA

To understand this, I had to chart it out with pencil on a large piece of paper, which I have folded in my HYDE notebook.

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