Friday, July 22, 2011

View of the Cemetery

View of the Cemetery by midgefrazel
View of the Cemetery, a photo by midgefrazel on Flickr.
Southborough Rural Cemetery is the second burial ground in Southborough. It is located on Route 85 at 147 Cordaville Road in Southborough.

Established in 1842 when the Old Burial Ground was deemed "full", this cemetery was set outside the town common area. It is considered a rural cemetery. Most of the gravestones are marble, granite or cast zinc ("white bronze". In Dec of 2004 when it was transcribed, there was 5, 910 graves with 4, 422 markers. Very few photographs are available at Find a Grave. (I was surprised!) Information about the cemetery and the people who transcribed it are found at this Web page. Many families are represented and of those large plots with the same surname, I know that there are still descendants living in this town.

I took this distance shot to show how well maintained it is and so you could see the "tower" in the distance. There are two large schools nearby and directly across the street is a golf course.

I took some gravestones that caught my fancy and some shots for placement of my husband's family plots.

I am going to show some of the photos I took that are not the ones I went seeking first so you can see what this cemetery is like, especially if you are not, dear reader, a New Englander.

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