Sunday, August 21, 2011

National Historic Landmark

National Historic Landmark (Cocumscussoc) by midgefrazel
National Historic Landmark (Cocumscussoc), a photo by midgefrazel on Flickr.
Gallup Family Reunion 2011
Yesterday, hubs and I went to the 109th annual meeting and reunion picnic of the Gallup Family Association. (Some past reunion photos in case you are wondering about what people wear to such an occasion)

This year it was held at historic Smith's Castle in North Kingstown, RI in the village of Wickford. The land and house once belonged to Richard Smith and of course, the street was named for him.

Remember, I grew up in Rhode Island and so did hubs but despite my deep ancestral roots to the part of RI known as "South County", I had never been there.

For the next couple days, I will blog about this because this is the third Gallup reunion I have attended and I am still learning about this family. Next year, it will be held back in Ledyard, CT next to the Gallup Hill Cemetery. You know I love cemeteries....

A fun fact. Most of the people attending did not live in Connecticut or Rhode Island but live in exotic places like North Carolina and New York!

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