Monday, October 03, 2011

Artemas JONES

Artemas JONES by midgefrazel
Artemas JONES, a photo by midgefrazel on Flickr.

This is the back side of the gravestone of Charles Jones and Angeline S. Hyde.

It has been my practice to also take the back side of any gravestone that I have taken a photograph of the front side. Very often  it gives a clue to who the people are buried in that plot.

Because Angeline husband's name was JONES I thought it might be hard to find out who her husband's family was. So I was glad to see the inscription on the reverse side of the stone. I assumed that this was Charles Jones's father, mother and perhaps the mother's sister. [Making the mother's maiden name BARNES]

Little did I know that it would take me three days to find out exactly who these people were! It seemed like it was going to be easy because his name is Artemas. Really, how many people do you know that bear this first name?

Yes, it turns out that this Artemas was married to Lucy Barnes and that this is her unmarried sister Ruth buried with them. Artemas and Lucy had no children and so they became the couple that took in Lucy's mother when the father died. This mother, was Lucy BRIGHAM before she married. She was born in 1787.

This is the 1885 Massachusetts census for the household of Artemas JONES. Notice the woman Lucy Barnes, his mother-in-law is listed at age 67 as a widow. She was Insane.

She was still alive in 1860 but living in Sudbury, alone. Does this make sense?


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