Sunday, September 18, 2011

Edmund Rice Reunion Tech Events

Midge and Brian Rice by midgefrazel
Midge and Brian Rice, a photo by midgefrazel on Flickr.

Yesterday, my husband Steve and I went to nearby Natick, MA to the annual RICE reunion. Having been on the bus tour the day before, we already had met and enjoyed the company of other RICE descendants that went with us. This reunion is held yearly in a hotel. Yes, you read that right in a hotel.

We were told that there were not as many people signed up this year as in the past. This society had a database that lists as many descendants as they can find and now numbers in the hundreds of thousands. Wow, that is a lot of people. Edmund Rice had twelve children. It made me wonder how many descendants my ancestors had.

I chose this photo of Brian Rice and myself for this blog post to make a point. I discovered while at the North cemetery, that Brian was the webmaster and is the face behind the Twitter name of @EdmundRice1638

 It was funny, really. I realized while on the bus tour that someone on the bus was LIVE tweeting and guessed that it was Brian. (Well, he WAS the youngest person on the bus.) I stopped tweeting and blog posting and started re-tweeting his tweets. Seemed logical.

During the talks of the reunion, while I was busy taking notes, Brian continued to tweet. Here's my personal favorite. Yeah, so he spelled it wrong. He was listening, tweeting, taking photos AND taking notes. You want a person like this in YOUR society.

You might wonder why I am excited about this? Well, because this is the FIRST family reunion (remember this is NOT my family) that really covered a lot of family history plus a DNA project. I took a few photos of selected slides of the PowerPoint presentations before two things happened.

  1. I realized that they were presenting with computers (not an overhead projector or with just notes).
  2. They are planning to post the slides to the Web site soon.
 I also learned that someone besides the Edmund Rice (1638) Association started the Wikipedia page but they are now correcting and adding to this online resource.
To be continued....


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