Saturday, October 29, 2011

Cemetery Cake

Cemetery Cake by midgefrazel
Cemetery Cake, a photo by midgefrazel on Flickr.

Granite-in-My-Blood Cemetery Cake 

I yelped with delight upon opening an October issue of Family Circle Magazine because they featured this cemetery cake in their monthly recipes.

Because we are a small family, I decided to make a small version of the cake and "cheat" somewhat with the ingredients. I purchased the Devil's food square cake shown and substituted the crumbly chocolate with chocolate sprinkles. My mom called these "ants".

 It takes a steady hand to do the lettering on the cookies. I wouldn't want to try any names or dates. As you can see I saved the real recipe in case I wanted to make this next year.

Happy Halloween.


Susan Petersen said...

AH! I think you've just given me reason to buy those Pepperidge Farm Orange Milano cookies!

reh ncw said...

Very cute

Carmen Johnson said...

I like it!

Carol P. said...

What a great cake! To add some realism, you could tilt/topple/chip some headstones. For extra credit, add some brightly colored paint ball spots. For even more realism during this widespread power outage, what could be used to simulate downed trees and limbs?

Carol P. said...

And we shouldn't forget weed whacker scratches!