Friday, October 21, 2011

Hyde Family Chart

Hyde Family Chart by midgefrazel
Hyde Family Chart, a photo by midgefrazel on Flickr.

You probably won't be able to read this clearly but I wanted you to see that sometimes the only road to understanding complex families is by using a low-tech approach. 

I am entering this information into my tree at I have to be careful to get the relationships linked correctly.  

But, first, I need some proof of the death of Samuel Hyde. According to the Hyde Family publication, he died in Newton, 12 Sept 1689. The Vital records tell me the name could be Hyde, Hide, Hides or Hids. I first look under Hide and I am rewarded by this death record with his burial in GR#1 (G.R.1.— gravestone record, Centre Street Cemetery, Newton)

Samuell, Samuel HIDE
Sam[ue]ll [dup. Samuel Hyde], Dea., Sept 12, 1689. [a. 79, G. R. 1. ]
Newton, MA


Brett Payne said...

Low-tech drawing on pieces of paper is often the easiest way to picture complex family relationships in your own mind - I do it often - but as you have ably demonstrated it's not so easy to share these drawings with others. I've searched for a long while for drawing packages to do the job effectively, since none of the family tree software that I've seen have charting utilities which come even close to being versatile enough for my puposes. Recently I've started using MS Visio, which suits me well. Here is a simple example of the type of chart I can draw up pretty quickly.

Midge Frazel said...

That's a great chart. I will have to see if it works on Windows 7. I used to use a kids program called Inspiration but my version won't work on my desktop computer. I must look to see if it is on my laptop.

Carol P. said...

I used an evaluation license of GenoPro to draw a chart that explained a complex relationship. I wanted to graphically show how I connect to my mother's father's brother's wife's brother's son. I liked the drawing tool, but GenoPro is much more than that. I already use a genealogy application, so I didn't need/want another, and at $50, I couldn't justify the cost for just the drawing tool. If there was a Lite version for under $20, then that would suit my needs.