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Ruth RICE by midgefrazel
Ruth RICE, a photo by midgefrazel on Flickr.

Ruth RICE, wife of Nathaniel FAY 

Old Southborough Burial Ground, October 9, 2011. Strong sunlight in the afternoon made the lettering on this tall slate gravestone clearly readable.

Ruth RICE, daughter of Jonathan RICE and his wife Ruth EAMES born 4 April 1755 in Framingham [VR] She was the wife of Nathaniel FAY, son of Robert FAY and Elizabeth JOSLIN. She married Nathaniel FAY on 18 Aug 1774 in Southborough [VR]
and she died in Southborough 12 Feb 1812 [VR] as shown below:

Her death is recorded in the Vital Records of Southborough:
Ruth FAY
Ruth, w. Nathaniel, Feb. 12, 1812, in her 57th y. C.R.
Death/ Southborough, MA 

Source: The RICE family by Andrew Henshaw Ward [1858] p. 85 #1032

Ruth6 (Jonathan5, Hezekiah4, Jonathan3, Henry2, Deac. Edmund1)

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Cheryl Cayemberg said...

Great photo, Midge! I was about to say how impressed I was at the clarity of the lettering and then I saw your first line about the sunlight. Great to know!