Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Parentage of Ezra PARMENTER

Vital Records Ezra by midgefrazel
Vital Records Ezra, a photo by midgefrazel on Flickr.

Will the REAL Ezra PARMENTER please stand up?
A cousin of my husband worked on their family tree some years ago. I am glad he did because it gave me a great place to start. Knowing it might not be perfect, I tackled it two years ago with a skeptical eye.

The HYDE line he worked on I could prove but the Parmenters still continue to plague me until this month when I found additional evidence.

I made this screen shot of the list of the Vital Records of 1850 of ALL of Massachusetts of a search of men named Ezra Parmenter. I have discovered the cousin's mistake. It was an easy one to make but not an easy one to prove.

  1. First, we can eliminate the records for Oakham and Cambridge, MA as they are not the right family. The Hyde family records confirm Abraham HYDE's wife, Eleanor as being from Framingham.
  2. Second, I have Ezra Parmenter's gravestone with his wife listed on it. It is another piece of evidence that this is his third great grandfather as it matches the vital record and the entry in the History of Framingham  on p. 665. This reads: Ezra Parmenter and Susanna Brown (she of Sudbury) were married in Framingham on 11 Aug 1791.
What happened is that the cousin made the logical mistake of Ezra being the son of Sam[ue]ll and Mary (TOWER) Parmenter born 26 June 1760 in Sudbury. (See the second entry in the screen shot.)

Ezra's birth is recorded as PERMENTER in the Vital Record of Framingham.
PERMENTER: Ezra, s. of Joshua and Pearsis, Jan. 31, 1767. Framingham

Now that I have a better lead of Ezra's parents, I need to look at the death records. We know what it says on the gravestone. It clearly reads 30 Nov 1833. BUT, if you click on the record, it says that GR #5 is a cemetery in Framingham named Edwards. It is an annoying coincidence that Evergreen Cemetery, or Wilson Farm Cemetery as it was once known, is ALSO GR#5.

So, the death record of Ezra 30 Nove 1833, a. 67 GS 5 Marlborough is the right one to match the gravestone.
But, the son of Samuel PARMENTER and Mary TOWER who was born in Sudbury on the same day did he died on the same day as our Ezra but the next year (in Framingham)?

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