Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Stewart Homestead

Stewart Homestead (Front) by midgefrazel
Stewart Homestead (Front), a photo by midgefrazel on Flickr.
 The Stewart Family of North Stonington

(This house has been torn down and the property is now owned by a non-family member)

When was the first Stewart home built on Stewart Hill [now Wyassup Rd.]?

Nathan Steward (1745-1813) "bought out the family rights in the old homestead and built a house, which was afterward occupied by his son Edward (my ancestor) (1774-1837) and then by Denison Stewart (1807-1867)." [Wheeler: p. 605]

This is significant because it mentions that first of all, there was an old Stewart house, and secondly that this house remained in the family until Dension Stewart died in 1867. [I have found evidence of who owned the house after that through obituaries that mention the house next to the Stewart Hill cemetery.] This tells us that the house was owned by a Stewart from circa 1759 to 1867.

The notes of Mrs. A. Morgan Stewart indicate that the first house was being built by William Stewart, Jr. and his death [by family tradition] resulted from a broken neck after falling down the front stairs of the unfinished house. This puts the date of the old homestead in progress in abt. 1759.

I am not sure when the cemetery next to the homestead was first built. Upon my first visit, Gladys Chase told me that the house that was there at the time was being torn down. It was in great disrepair but I took photos anyway.

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