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Ebenezer HYDE, Sr.

Ebenezer HYDE, Sr. by midgefrazel
Ebenezer HYDE, Sr., a photo by midgefrazel on Flickr.

Ebenezer Hyde, Sr. 

Repost (with additions) of December so I can add the other gravestones from this cemetery to my blog

Steve's cousin, William Dunbar of Marlborough went to the Dodge Cemetery in Sutton, MA in search of the gravestone of Ebenezer Hyde, Sr., his wives and children. It was great to have family help on this project.

Fortunately, we can just make out the name of this gravestone. Ebenezer was my husband's fourth great grandfather.

His son was also Ebenezer (so I have added Sr. to his name) and he's buried in Southborough Rural Cemetery and was the first gravestone we located when we moved to this area.

I was excited to see this gravestone. He left behind a family journal with a brief genealogy. I don't have it but it was transcribed and I found it online at NEHGS. 

Ebenezer's birth record in the Vital Records of Massachusetts to 1850 is found under the name HIDE. His parents, Job and Prudence were cousins. Her maiden name was Hyde/Hide too. They are buried in a large cemetery in Newton Center.
HIDE: Ebenezer [dup. Hyde], s. Job and Prudence, Apr. 30, 1755. Birth: Newton, MA [Mass VR to 1850 NEHGS]
Ebenezer's first wife, Ruth is his direct ancestor.

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