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Capt. Thomas WHITMAN

Capt. Thomas WHITMAN by midgefrazel
Capt. Thomas WHITMAN, a photo by midgefrazel on Flickr.

Tombstone Tuesday: 14 Feb 20112

Teaching with Cemeteries: Graves of Veterans 

I am a firm believer that everyone who enjoys taking photo in a cemetery should take a few shots of any veteran graves as they pass by them on the hunt for their ancestors.  If you post any gravestones to Find-a-Grave, these photo should be included. Never forget.

This is the gravestone for Capt. Thomas WHITMAN (Find a Grave post) and his wife Jemima. The gravestone carver chose this ornate script which is quickly becoming unreadable. (except for the huge date!). This is the part of the cemetery map where this family monument is located.

Capt. Thomas Whitman5, descendant of John Whitman of Weymouth, (Zechariah4, Deacon John3, Rev. Zechariah2, Ensign/Rev John1) was probably related to the Whitman family of Bridgewater whose graves I photographed while living there. (The world can be a small place.) (compiled genealogy of John Whitman p. 686)

This is the flag holder to the side of the monument. 

These are the records that I have found about Thomas and his wife all from the VR of Stow to 1850:

Thomas and Jamima Portor, int. June 5, 1773.
Marriage, Stow, MA

Thomas, Capt., July 27, 1821. [[h. Jemima] a. 70, G.R.2.]
Death, Stow, MA

Jemima, w. Capt. Thomas, Sept. 26, 1837, a. 87. G.R.2.
Death, Stow, MA

plus Thomas's birth to Zechariah and Elizabeth (Gates) Whitman.\ on 18 Oct 1751

From the Descendants of John Whitman of Weymouth, MA. p. 686.

I have to investigate the photographs of the other sides of his monument...

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