Saturday, March 03, 2012

William Broadfoot Birth

Birth Crop William Broadfoot by midgefrazel
Birth Crop William Broadfoot, a photo by midgefrazel on Flickr.

William Harcomb BROADFOOT 
This is a crop of the birth record for William Harcomb Broadfoot who I have been researching since I received a photo of his gravestone at the Dalbeattie Cemetery from Ruth Robb.

The old country records never disappoint if you have the right person. Notice that his birth record doesn't include his middle name. I think he was named for his mother's brother, William HARCOMB.

After finding this, I went looking for his death record to see if his name included the Harcomb as a middle name. 

With American records, I search for the birth, marriage and death records in that order but I have learned to search other countries with birth, death and marriage.

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Celia said...

Finding the birth records from England is so satisfying - all the details fit in like a puzzle piece - IF you have the right person. I've had great luck with my great grandparents and others in that side of the family.