Monday, April 16, 2012

Moses Barber's Father

This clipping is from a book titled First Hundred Years Pawcatuck Seventh Day Baptist Church. First of all, that is Pawcatuck not Pawtucket. To find this book, use Google. Type in First Hundred years Pawcatuck Seventh Day Baptist Church. Notice that it is not available for download in ebook format. has it for searching.

The similarities of the words of two separate places can really mess up your research when you are not a native of Rhode Island. Pawcatuck is just over the border of Rhode Island in Connecticut.

Pawtucket, birthplace of the author of this blog, is famous for a minor league baseball team.  [But I do have ancestors from that area.}

Rhode Island is full of such problems. I love to listen to Cherry Bamburg give presentations about Rhode Island. She understands why people are so confused! I always learn something new about my home state.

This clip is all I know about the father of Moses Barber. That's really not much. Rhode Islanders has to PAY to have their vital records recorded. Our RI ancestors buried their dead in the backyard and today, those places don't exist.  There are more than 4, 000 family cemeteries in Rhode Island. Many have been moved to larger cemeteries.

This "we keep it to ourselves" attitude is classic Rhode Island.  I love it and hate it.

In the 1980s, a woman who is a Barber descendant wrote a monograph about the Barber families in Rhode Island. I hope this link works. The FamilySearch book library keeps changing.
Moses Barber of South Kingstown

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