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Stewart Hill Cemetery

Looking Toward Cemetery by midgefrazel
Looking Toward Cemetery, a photo by midgefrazel on Flickr.

Stewart Family Cemetery #39, North Stonington, CT 
This excellent photo of the Stewart Hill Cemetery taken by Brian Zoldak, shows the cemetery from the road. This photo is used with his permission

This cemetery holds the graves of Edward Stewart and Rebecca Noyes, my third great grandparents. Rebecca's stone is standing upright but Edward was broken and is face down the last time I visited.

This is the first cemetery that I visited that I had never been to before. I didn't have any idea how to find it because I didn't know it existed!

Gladys Chase of the North Stonington Historical Society told us how to find it and when we returned she directed us to the Great Plain Cemetery where Edward's parents are buried. I so wish everything was this easy!

The Stewart Homestead had now been torn down and the land has been bought. Brian tells me that all the brush around the cemetery is cleared and it is easy to find now.

He sent me this shot and another and told me that some of the stones have been repaired. Dare I dream that one is Edward's stone?

I am anxious to collaborate with Brian to see if his photo help me finish piecing this family together.

I know his photos will be better than mine as I had my first Sony digital camera then and it took photos on floppy disk.

Transcription of this cemetery:

#39 Stewart Hill Cemetery
Directions: North of Town Hall 2 ¾ miles
Edgcomb, Sarah L. Stewart, wife of Nathan S. Edgcomb, born May 29, 1844,
 died Apr. 10, 1918
Stewart, Charles E., son of George W. & Phebe E., died Nov. 28, 1867,
age 21 yrs. 7 mos.
Stewart, Cyrus S., son of Edward & Rebecca, died Jan. 23, 1819, age 3
Stewart, Denison N., died Jan. 20, 1867, age 59
Stewart, Edward, died Apr. 29, 1837, age 62
Stewart, Edward F., son of Edward & Rebecca, died Oct. 27, 1843, age 24
Stewart, Elizabeth, born Jan. 9, 1842, died Apr. 30, 1904
Stewart, Ella W., daughter of Denison N. & Abby J., died Dec. 11, 1861, age 9
Stewart, George P., died May 21, 1851, age 65
Stewart, George P., born June 13, 1849, died July 19, 1905
Stewart, George W., born Mar. 31, 1816, died July 26, 1896
Stewart, Harriet H., daughter of George P. & Polly, died Apr. 20, 1823,
 age 6 yrs. 4 mos. 11 days
Stewart, Isabel, daughter of George W. & Phebe E., died Feb. 11, 1860,
 age 4 yrs. 8 mos. 22 days
Stewart, Nancy, daughter of Edward & Rebecca, died Nov. 2, 1843, age 30
Stewart, Phebe E. Palmer, wife of George W. Stewart, born Sept. 13, 1818,
 died Aug. 7, 1889
Stewart, Polly Hewitt, widow of George P. Stewart, died Mar. 15, 1870,
 age 79 yrs. 7 mos. 19 days
Stewart, Rebecca, wife of Edward Stewart, died Sept. 30, 1842, age 61
Stewart, William, a soldier in the Revolution, died Jan. 23, 1843, age 91
Swan, Betsey R, wife of Frederick, died Feb. 26, 1849, age 44
Swan, Frederick, born June 23, 1832, died Mar. 8, 1856
Tomlinson, Emma, daughter of Henry & Julia, died Dec. 19, 1864,
age 5 yrs. 1 mo. 5 days 

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