Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Thomas Stanton Reunion 2012

Gravestone of Dorothy STANTON
wife of the Rev. Mr. James NOYES
photo by Fred Burdick and used with permission

This weekend is the family reunion of the Thomas Stanton Society. Because of family circumstances, I decided not to attend except for a single day (Saturday). It is a long way to go for just a few hours.

The last reunion was in 2008. Seems so long ago!

I don't like passing up this well attended reunion because it is a very active one which only meets every third year. However, one of the most interesting things is that I am one of the few people claiming descent from Dorothy. Isn't that cool? Actually, when I examine my genealogy work as a whole, I tend to look at it with a matriarchal perspective. The women in my family were the recorders of events, lived longer than their spouses and were strong willed.

I won't be able to report much about this reunion since I will arrive in the cool of the morning, chat with people and eat lunch before we head back.  I've made a display board to leave behind.

They are holding this reunion in the church in Stonington, CT called The Road Church. I have never been there. Many people in my charts worshiped there. I'd like my own photos of the outside and inside. That I will report about.

By the way, this is a three day event! Dave Stanton, President, is very "hi-tech" and has an active area online for members to join, discuss their line and get to know one another. They are also on Facebook.

I will get to meet a Facebook friend too. That doesn't happen to me often.


cook4650 said...

See you on Saturday, Midge!
(from Karen Stanton Cook)

plumbing said...

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Anonymous said...

Hi Midge, This ancestor of ours has been on my mind recently so I revisited this blog page. Thanks for posting the photo of the grave! I learn so much from reading Granite!