Thursday, December 27, 2012

Pre-Project Helpers

Laminated Research Sheets by midgefrazel
Laminated Research Sheets, a photo by midgefrazel on Flickr.

Everyone can feel overwhelmed no matter what their learning style. I use a few things to help with my learning and that are easy to keep handy while I work. 

The laminated cards are not too expensive and are full of things you might need to know to do deeper research. The Genealogy Proof Standard by Christine Rose is a small and mighty book that everyone ahould own.

 My last book on Digital Storytelling   is on my deak to remind me that I have a deadline for a Google Hangout in January and I'm not ready. You know the feeling, right?

One of my specialties is technology and most everyone knows how much I buy and use. BUT, some people do better with deeper research when they have paper and pencil. Yes, I still use these especially when projects overlap. I wonder some days where the time goes...

I knew that my first question by a reader would be about learning styles. Take this quiz  and learn about yours. You might be surprised. Go ahead. 

I loved learning about the multiple intelligences (Google this: Howard Gardiner) in my M.Ed. online courses. It helped me understand my fellow researchers and my ancestors too.

Needless to say, being organized takes time and effort. You will hear about how I struggle sometimes in my seven projects. I might scream. Don't be scared.

I am blessed. My father was concrete sequential and my mother was abstract random. I often felt like a translator. But, it helped me understand myself and others. I can do both. I was also lucky to be an only child. For those of you with siblings, this may be offensive but I feel lucky.

I will be explaining some of this further, but for now, you need only know that not only did I inherit everything, I got the full attention of the adults. They forgot I was in the room, they freely talked to each other. I went away and wrote things down. I've noticed that my husband, who has two brothers, doesn't have this foundation but he is more well rounded. Give and take.

That's enough for today. Tomorrow I will be starting to talk about a project.

Thanks for riding along with me. I see so many have commented on what I have posted so far. That's great. I am excited.    

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Celia Lewis said...

No surprises on the Quiz:
Linguistic, Naturalistic, and Intrapersonal - all over 80%.
Lowest? Bodily-Kinesthetic, Visual-Spatial. I wear out maps, always get detailed directions, and think it's amusing when I get lost in a building or when trying to get on or off a freeway... Let's see how long it takes for me to be going the correct way! I simply can't visualize the pathways for many things. Instead I process everything out loud... Interesting. I'll do more reading.