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The Story of Victor

Packing crate (collection of the author), holds my Christmas Tree ornaments, 2012

The Story of Victor:
Soap Bubbles in My Blood
Project Based Genealogy Plan
(this plan will change as needed)

Long Term Project (begun in 2002)
Progress Estimate to date (75% complete)
Introduction to Project
Evans STEWART, my maternal grandfather, his brother Dudley Wheeler STEWART, my maternal great uncle, and their father, Charles Edward STEWART, my maternal great grandfather, owned and operated the Westerly Steam Laundry and Victor Cleansing Co.

Essential Questions
  1. Who were these men and how did this family business get started? (complete)
  2. Where were the business locations? (complete)
  3. What were the business goals? (complete)
  4. Who were the other people who worked for the company? (in progress)
  5. What do I remember about this business? (in progress)
  6. How did this business evolve over the years? (complete)
  7. How does my genealogy fit into this business? (in progress)
Project Goals
  1. To research each phase of the business and prepare a timeline
  2. To write blog posts about each photograph
  3. To collaborate with Jim Ricci about his grandfathers part in the business
  4. To write a narrative about the project with some of it being blog posts
  5. To gather and save as digital documents each page of every city directory that mentions the business
  6. To study the genealogy of each family and board member involved in the business
  7. To understand the business incorporation
Manageable Parts (notice the backwards approach)
  • Phase 6: Personal Memories
  • Phase 5: The Death of the Business
  • Phase 4: Moving to Providence
  • Phase 3: The Westerly Laundry (founded 1892)
  • Phase 2: Founder's son's Story (gravestone)
  • Phase 1: The Founder's Story (gravestone)
Stay Organized
Victor Notebook (in progress and completed narrative)
Photographs and such (and archive)
Folders for Collaboration (and project pages)
Index Cards with Collaboration and Email Notes

Organizing and Progress Reports on these

Gather Sources, Information and Citations
Collaborate with Others
Analyze and Draw Conculsions
Present the Project Product  (blog posts, timelines, photos and the narrative)  

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Judith Richards Shubert said...

This is a fantastic guide, Midge! This project guide will help many, many family researchers, myself included!