Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sitting on the Oil Tank

Victor Cleansing Co. by midgefrazel
Victor Cleansing Co., a photo by midgefrazel on Flickr.

The Oil Tank 
I have blogged about this photo before but as I have more of an audience today than I did in 2008, I think it bears showing again. Maybe someone will be able to tell me more about this photo.

Sometime while during the early years of my grandfather moving the business, he and probably great-grandfather, Charlie, purchased land that was at the corner of Cyr and Mongomery Ave. In the Washington Park section of Cranston (near Roger Williams Park) to construct "the Works" or "the Plant" as we knew it for a full service business. The photo, from the collection of Jim Ricci, whose grandfather and mine were friends and business partners is an amusing look at what I thought was the beginning of my family business.

How many people today, would even think to have a photo of a huge oil tank taken? Oviously, they were so pleased that they stenciled the name of the business on the side! My grandfather, Evans, is the man standing next to the laddar, and I think, Jim's grandfather is the last man on the top to the far left.

It looks to me that this is the land behind the actual building. I wasn't allowed out back. My dad would drive the car back to the gas pump stored there and fill up the tank on the truck if we were going to use a truck to move furniture from my grandparents house to our house or to the beach house or vice versa. 

I think my uncle, John Crompton is on the top next to Jim's grandfather. I know he worked for my grandfather early on. He was my dad's brother-in-law and my godfather. He came to America from England with his parents and brothers. They were coal miners.

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