Saturday, April 20, 2013

Back from NERGC 2013

Beads by midgefrazel
Beads, a photo by midgefrazel on Flickr.
As you can see I am finally home from the regional New England conference that is held every other year somewhere in one of the New England states.

I only wrote one blog post while I was gone and I now have been reading other bloggers impressions of what they attended and what they learned from the sessions.

This year, I attended sessions of speakers that I have never heard speak before. Tomorrow I will try to give my readers some impressions of what I learned. I am stunned to discover that many people I know chose some of the same sessions as I did! There were over 800 people there. I wonder what the mathematical odds are of that?

We were all disappointed not to have had Thomas MacEntee at the conference. Bad weather in Chicago prevented his plan from coming. Two genealogists took over his presentations and I thought that was a terrific thing to do. I would so like to meet him someday since he is our genealogy ninja. 

Laundry calls and I am very tired so I will save the rest for tomorrow.

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Lisa said...

I was also disappointed that Thomas MacEntee could not be there- he's one of my genealogy "idols", too! I did enjoy hearing Michael LeClerc in his place, however!