Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Tombstone Tuesday: Civil War Monument N. Scituate RI

Civil War Dead in North Scituate, RI

When photographing large monuments, it is best to consider the time of day. This side, illuminated by the afternoon Spring sunshine, is easily read which makes the other three sides harder. If you live where the monument is located, I suggest that you study it at various times of the day to be able to read each name clearly. 

Alfred S. KNIGHT is my friend, Robert Grandchamp's (photo below) ancestor. I think he is a uncle and not a direct line ancestor. He told a story about how he found Alfred's photograph in another library quite a distance away but still in RI. He said that everyone should keep looking for information about their Civil War ancestors and they may find information in unexpected places. Smaller libraries in New England towns often are the repositories of information that people donate if they don't want to keep family mementos.

Upon looking at this photo when I returned home, I see two surnames that I know two friends are working on. I try to take any monuments I can when I visit an area.

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