Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Baker Settlement Sign

Baker Settlement Sign by midgefrazel
Photo by ALB Frauzel, used with permission

Nova Scotia Family

For many years, I have tried to learn more about my husband's Nova Scotia ancestors. The late Robert Frazel, a scientist from Massachusetts who retired to Florida, and I exchanged information and his research into the possible immigrant ancestor kept us interested in this surname. Before Robert died, he told us he went to Germany with a possible name but had no luck finding a real records.

So, it was back to the drawing board with copies of his work in hand. I found a kindred soul named Alice, who lives in Lunenburg county. We exchanged information and connected on Facebook.

Alice is also married to a Frazel but the people who currently live there are named Frauzel.  We now think that when hubs great grandfather and his son, hubs grandfather came here to Massachusetts, they dropped the U in their name.

Alice lives fairly close to the cemetery that Robert told us had gravestones of the ancestors. You know me, I just had to see what it looked like! Alice is a great photographer. She made her images black and white so I would know exactly which ones she took. Pretty good idea, huh?

Today, I will show you the first one, this lovely granite marker. A long time ago, I thought it was Baker's Settlement Cemetery. I wasn't sure it was a surname. After all they could have been cooks! But, as Alice is a Baker descendant, we know know for sure that it is Baker. [Alice now tells me that there were several Baker families in this area so it should be Baker's Settlement!)

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