Sunday, May 26, 2013

Honor Roll in Southborough, MA

Southborough, MA Veterans Tribute by midgefrazel

Supreme Sacrifice
Southborough, MA Veterans Monument
Located in a small area next to the Southborough Library in Southborough, Worcester county, MA is a massive monument with many veterans listed. This is the centerpiece of the monument.

My fellow blogger, Heather Rojo challenged us to transcribe a monument, in this blog post, so that others may find their ancestors names. I will start with this center section.

These brave man gave their lives for our freedom:

World War II
Bagley, LL
Davis, CH
Fay, HE
Gould, RO
Harris, FC
Hunt, LC
Janiak, JP
MacNeill, JG
Renaud, RL
Stevens, HG
Very, H

Foley, RR, Jr.

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