Thursday, July 04, 2013

Honoring Ambassador Malcolm Toon

Ambassador Toon Collage by midgefrazel
Photos from Arlington National Cemetery Web site, 26 June 2013

American Patriot
 Malcolm Toon
 1st Cousin, 1x Removed

In my younger days, I worked with my Broadfoot family, getting as much information from them about our ancestors here in America and in the old country of Scotland. Among all the interesting things I learned (and have confirmed), I was surprised to discover that I had a great aunt that I did not know existed. My aunt called her on the phone and we traveled to visit her in her home in Northborough, Massachusetts. Turns out that I am now living not far from there. Apparently, a lot of smaller burial grounds in that town have been moved to a big cemetery. I have located it and I have been there "as a look-see" on a day last year. I need to do more research to be sure that my great aunt and her husband are really buried there.

Inspired by my blogger friend, Russ Worthington's investigation of Find-a-Grave and subsequent visit to Arlington National Cemetery. I took another look at the new Arlington National Cemetery interactive Web resource. (Try learning to use it using my ancestor's name of Malcolm Toon)

I am pleased to announce that it is much further along than I expected. Here's my first cousin, one removed and his wife as photographed (at night!) and here's the Find-a-Grave listing and the information about him at Wikipedia. Having never met him, I was quite interested in what he looked like.

My paternal grandfather's sister, Margaret Broadfoot married George Toon and they were both born in Scotland.  One of their sons, Malcolm Toon grew up to be a US Ambassador as you can see by the gravestones above.

I learned that the back of his gravestone is where his wife's name and her information is listed. The section number and specific grave number is on the BACK of the gravestone.

Happy 4th of July!

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Hi Midge, Great post! Thanks for the Arlington National Cemetery info. as it is quite useful. Isn't it fun when we discover new nice surprises about our ancestral families? I think so! Good job!