Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Wordless Wednesday: Capt. Lyman Hall and wife Phebe Palmer

Marble Stones Are Hard to Read

Parents of Capt. Palmer Hall
Close up of Capt. Lyman Hall's monument, photo by Brian Zoldak, 2013, used with permission
Close up of back side of Capt. Lyman Hall's monument,, photo by Brian Zoldak, 2013, used with permission.
Capt./Lyman Hall/ Born Aug. 30, 1761/Died Nov. 4, 1842/Aged 81 years.
Phebe,/(second) wife of/Capt. Lyman Hall/& daughter of Capt. Elias S. Palmer/ Born Aug. (8 or) 9, 1766/Died Sept. 22, 1858/ Aged 92 years


geniebk said...

Did you find a 'better' way to read these sontes, Midge?osgeut

Midge Frazel said...

The RI vital record helped with the actual dates and his Rev War pension record confirmed.

I have a pamphlet from the Association of Gravestone students that helps with the way the numerals are carved and how weather makes them appear incorrect.

Heather Rojo said...

Sometimes I have to actually feel the stones to "read" them. A rubbing would be helpful, but that's a big No-No nowadays.