Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Never Heard From Again

GATES by midgefrazel

I didn't purposefully leave this gravestone until last but wouldn't you know that this is the one that a reader emails me about! I would not have thought that this would be the man who left descendants who were interested in their family history!

Capt. Charles H. Gates's family has photos AND a family Bible to share information with me. It is hard to contain my interest and excitement. But, it is summer's end and this project will take some time to work on, so this series on Sea Captain's will not be over with just this summer of 2013. Instead of waiting until we long for the ocean again, I will blog about this as he and I uncover new information.

It will be a lovely winter investigation. So, stay tuned. Sadly, this father and son will never be buried here but we will remember them.

I have enjoyed writing about the men who went to sea and the women and children who were left behind. I hope you enjoyed it too.

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