Thursday, September 12, 2013

Lucinda Bigelow

Mrs. Lucinda RICE by midgefrazel
Mrs. Lucinda RICE, a photo by midgefrazel on Flickr.

Mrs. Lucinda, / wife of / Levi Rice. / died July 17, 1850. / Æ. 70.

Lucinda Bigelow was a daughter of Gershom Bigelow, Jr. and his wife Mary HOWE.

Lucinda's gravestone is leaning forward and was hard to photograph with my iPhone. The epitaph at the bottom is partially hidden by the dirt and the clover. But it begins with "Our Mother is gone..."

Lucinda was born in Marlborough on 22 November 1792 was was the mother of nine children.

Lucinda was still alive on 1 June 1850, known as "census day" so she is listed with her family (on 22 August 1850) in her daughter Lucinda's husband Theodore Sawyer's household. She was 59 and left her husband Levi with his children and grandchildren.

This was a good family to use as a case study because they lived their whole lives in one location so I can learn what Marlborough was like in this time frame.

Levi and Lucinda were a farming family but their children, like the daughter, Lucinda married men who worked in the emerging shoe factories.

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