Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Halloween 1952

Halloween 1952 in Cranston, RI

I have always loved Halloween! The back of this photo is dated July, 1953 and since people didn't run right out and get their photos developed, this must be Halloween, 1952.

This photo is very faded so I worked on it quite a bit before posting it. I just noticed that I have on a "rain hat" over my costume. My mother was a "helicopter parent" and bundled me up whenever SHE felt cold. It must have been a rainy and cold Halloween night. I am wearing a Bugs Bunny costume and holding an egg. If I didn't remember this costume, future generations would think this was an Easter photo! (Label your photos now!)

Many years later, my Dad told me that he took me around the neighborhood and at each house was offered a "shot" by the man while I sang "Wide Open Spaces" to entertain the woman who lived in the house. Good thing we walked! Certainly, this is not a Halloween tradition I would continue. At this time, there were not a lot of houses with children in them. By 1956, this changed.

I am surprised that my parent's photo collection doesn't have more Halloween photos in them. My mother must have forgotten to take them. It seemed that my father was ever so slow to come home to take me out. I even had to wait for him to eat supper. It took forever! 

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