Friday, October 11, 2013

Welcome to my blog: Items in my Cemetery Kit

Cemetery Kit Collage by midgefrazel
Cemetery Kit Collage, a photo by midgefrazel on Flickr.

THE Cemetery Kit

Many people ask me about the items I carry with me in my cemetery kit. This idea came from Sharon Carmack's book, Your Guide to Cemetery Research, which is out of print but may be available at your local library.

Not shown are my husband and boneyard buddy (who drives and carries the bags), the large mirror and my cell phone and camera. The husband is not for sale but the large mirror can be bought at Walmart or Target and is not expensive. 

I also do not own a hand held GPS device but my friend Brian Zoldak uses one everywhere he goes to get the exact location. He recommends a Magellan Sportrak and is waterproof and available at There are many models and a wide variety of prices.(his model)

I linked a couple so you can examine them more closely.

Photography Reflector
  1. Gravestone Rubbing Kit (pellon and wax)
  2. David Lambert's Guide to Massachusetts Cemeteries (2nd edition)
  3. Small Mirror
  4. Moist Wipes for Hands
  5. Off Bug Spray
  6. Binoculars (for looking a gravestones a distance away)
  7. Kleenex (achoo!)
  8. Hand sanitizer
  9. Bag to hold small items and toilet paper 
  10. First Aid Kit
  11. Sunblock
  12. Pens & Sticky Notes and flashlight
  13. Spray Bottle with Water ONLY
  14. Grass Clippers
  15. Whisk Broom (large)
  16. Clorox Wipes (can be kept in the car)
  17. Umbrella (and we have needed it)
  18. Paper Towels and Trash Bags
  19. Hand Wipes
  20. Face Mask
  21. Whisk Broom (small) (very, very soft)
  22. Fanny Pack (holds voice recorder and keys)
  23. Disposable Gloves
  24. Cortaid Poison Ivy Wipes
  25. Non Scratch scrubber sponges
  26. Off Bug Spray (wearable)
  27. Cushion for sitting on the ground
  28. Water Bottle Holder (clips on belt or bag)
  29. Tape Measure (for measuring stone or distance between stones)
I have since added a small pair of scissors to cut paper towels and trim "strings" on flags.


Charlie Purvis said...

If you have an Iphone, you can use the Compass to get the coordinates for a Tombstone.

Midge Frazel said...

Yes, I do and I just tried it. Works great! Thank you. I will make a post of that this week.

Thanks, Charlie.


Geolover said...

Nice list, though I'm not sure I'd need all the different hand cleaners.

Other possibilities:

Folding broad-brim hat (to avert ticks dropping from trees).

Small utility folding saw for thicket branches that can't be tied out of the way.

Twine or bungee cords for tying twigs/branches out of the way during photography.

3-foot piece of rerod to use as probe to locate buried markers. Also handy for moving basking snakes.

Small utility folding shovel for viewing buried markers. Small garden hand-tools also can work; something able to cut through sod is needed.

Midge Frazel said...

All terrific additions. Thanks!

Unknown said...

Add "long pants" to your list. Ticks don't fall from trees. They are in the grass.