Friday, November 15, 2013

Finding Pilgrim Proof

Mayflower Families Through 5 Generations Vol. 3 by midgefrazel

Gathering Together

While working on entering the "proof" gleaned from our Mayflower applications, I realized that I was just entering information given to me by the Mayflower Society without really understanding what I was referencing. Pictured here is a "silver book" published by the Mayflower Society which is in the Goodnow Library. 

Last year, I tried to find out what books are owned by my friends who are genealogist or family historians. A family story in hubs family says they are descendants of Myles Standish. I can't find the connection at all.

But, we both are descendants of George Soule and John Alden. So, deciding that I don't understand the "pilgrim code" on the applications, I would investigate the process further. The General Society of Mayflower Descendants has a store where you can buy the books. Anyone can buy the "silver books" (MF) as they are considered completed research. This is why libraries and historical societies have them! The "pink books" are research in progress (MFIP) and some day will be published as "silver books".

Alicia Crane Williams, wrote an excellent article about published sources which is posted at NEHGS. She explains the abbreviations used. I have printed this for my Mayflower Binder.

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