Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Tombstone Tuesday: Coincidence?

Litchfield Lower Village by midgefrazel
Photos by Midge and Gail
She Reads My Blog!
social media success story

Lower Village Cemetery right here in Stow, MA was the first graveyard I visited in this area. It is quite historic but contains none of hubs ancestors (except for the stone of Joseph Rice, son of Deacon Edmund Rice). I visited this place before I moved here as it is right near the Shaw's supermarket where I rode with my daughter to pick up some food for our lunch one day. She kindly indulged me a quick visit.

In September of 2011, I noticed GH, the cemetery superintendent walking around looking at repaired stones, and we stopped to talk to him and I took a couple photos with my cell phone. I forgot all about those photos until recently when I decided to move some of them off my phone . (When was the last time you did that?)

I thought it would make an interesting photos about the clamps that the restorer put to strengthen the repair so I posted it.

Gail Weston of Davenport, Iowa, who reads my blog, noticed the name on the stone as one of her third great grandparents. She sent me the photo she took of the stone submerged beneath the dirt. Since I had not mentioned the name on the stone in my post, I was curious. Was she a regular reader of my blog? 

Yes, she is. Wow! 

Hubs and I went back to the graveyard and took the photo (shown here to the right) for her. She tells me there are more people related to his family buried there. I found a few but haven't really studied this family. But, at least she has better photos of his grave and his wife's too. 

Thanks, Gail, for reading my blog. Social media rules!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Midge, Oh, I so agree that social media rocks! Lots of new friends and also genealogy helps - opportunities for us to help others. Excellent post. No coincidence!