Thursday, January 16, 2014

Come In, Please

Front Door by midgefrazel
Front Door, a photo by midgefrazel on Flickr.

Come In, Please!

In February, I will be participating in the Family History Writing Challenge. It takes a lot of research and writing time, so it will be quiet here while I gather my research and begin to pre-write the posts.

At first, I did not see the connection between the two projects but as I stepped out of my office one morning and put my foot upon the top stair, I saw the light.

Since the light is a common theme, I thought I should mention the Quaker Meeting House in Cranston, RI in my hometown. I went to the Oaklawn Baptist Church for my Girl Scout meetings and to go to the famous May Breakfasts held there. 

My first elementary school was in Oaklawn as I attended the school there for the first few grades. I found out about the meeting house from a now abandoned Web page. I made a screen shot of the photos and information because I thought it might disappear. Little did I know that the Providence Journal would blog about it just as I was beginning to write. Is this a coincidence? Probably not. This kind of phenomena happens to genealogists all the time.

I am thrilled to see all of the wonderful information about the Quakers in Rhode Island even though they are not my family. Community counts too as part of our personal history. Suddenly, I have a longing for a May Breakfast and for a May Basket. The light outside should be better then too.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Midge, Nice series. Should be fun and informative. By the way, even out West they used to have May Festivals and breakfasts. Not so much anymore, I think.