Sunday, February 16, 2014

Childhood Toys

3. Doggie Past by midgefrazel
Photo from the family collection  of Midge Frazel, circa 1949, Aren't I cute?
Favorite Toys

As you can see, I am clutching my favorite baby toy, a little stuffed animal that I called "doggie". He was yellow with brown floppy ears. I still have him. I am very attached to my stuffed animals and it might be a family trait since my daughter and grandsons also love stuffed friends.

My best friend is my teddy bear, called "Boo-Boo" because my mother used to play peak-a-boo with me using him. I have a lot of childhood objects, but he is by far my favorite. My mother told me that he was patiently waiting for me to be born and sat in my crib until I was old enough to play with him. He was once a soft yellow color with pink ears and feet. I had other favorite stuffed animals as shown here in this collage. I was quite old when my mother gave in and put me in a bed. (The crib photo below is my last night in the crib.) My bed was the one that my mother's brother slept in as a child and since he died in 1951, she was sad each time she looked at it. The bunny and the "looped dog" were gifts and I loved them.

Toys are essential to childhood and are considered an important link to your personal past. As an only child I didn't have to share my toys or pass them to a younger sibling. My husband had a stuffed lamb called "Sammy the Lamb-ie" and he had to pass it to his younger brother. 

Several years ago, I bought this jogger outfit in the doll clothes department for Boo-Boo. He loves it even though he doesn't run much these days. I still love and talk to him all the time. 

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