Friday, March 21, 2014

Older Scholfield Monument

Scholfield Monument by midgefrazel
Photo by Brian Zolak, 2012, used with persmiison

Another not to be missed photo of a Scholfield monument in Raymond Hill Cemetery in Oakdale (Montville), Connecticut with the newer monument in the background nearer the classic Connecticut stone wall. Thanks to Brian Zoldak for taking these gravestones and showing the position in the cemetery.

Notice that the headstones are in the same plot as this monument. Many granite headstones just have a first name on them or have the person's initials. This is why it is important to have a list of persons names with you when you go out to the cemetery. This way you can look for specific positioning such as husband and wife together or babies who are mentioned on the large stone and may not be in your charts at all. 

You might get a clue for a woman's maiden name if her initials reflect her birth name. Sadly many women's initials are reflect her married name and not her maiden name.

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