Thursday, August 07, 2014

Empty Space in Family Plot

Maplewood Cemetery, 2 July 2014, Frazel plot

Order of Headstones

We live not very far from a cemetery in Marlborough, MA where my late father-in-law's family is buried. As my in-laws grew more elderly, I reviewed the final plans that they expressed to us some years ago when they revised their will making my husband the executor of their estate. They were emphatic that they were to be cremated and NOT buried. Still, I worried about them changing their minds at the last second. It is unnerving to worry about such inevitable  responsibilities. 

So, unknown to them, we went to this cemetery and couldn't find the Frazel plot. Our daughter called the cemetery office and they assured her that there was a plot with that name. We went back and finally found it. The huge hosta plant covered the base where it says Frazel. I did feel better after finding it.

Recently, we returned because I wanted to make sure that I had the headstones in the right order. I made a video with my iPhone so that there would be no question of the placement.

Stepping back, I realized that there is a space between hubs grandfather, Phares and his second wife Linda. (his first wife Mamie is buried on his "other'' side which is normal as she died first). Phares and Linda had a daughter who was born and died in the same day and she was named Frances. You can see her headstone in this photo. But, what I observe now, is that there is an empty space in this plot which must have been reserved for my father-in-law, just in case. At least now I know where we could have buried them if they changed their mind. (They were cremated and the cremains were sent to their youngest son.)

Placement of headstones can be additional confirming evidence of the order of death in a family. It isn't perfect but it is another piece of evidence to help you puzzle it out.

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