Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Tombstone Tuesday: Denison Ground in Westerly

Photo by Frederick E. Burdick, used with his permission
“Here Lyeth ye body of George Denison ye son of Captain George Denison who decest, Decmbr ye 27 1711 in ye 58th yeare of his age

This gravestone is in a small graveyard in Westerly, Rhode Island in a (now) residential area, to the side of a house at 33 Timothy Drive. The RI Historical Cemetery Commission has a great photo of it with the stone wall all around it and after knowing where it is located I can see the wall using Google Maps. As it says here, this is on of the sons of Capt. George Denison and he was my 7th great grandfather. His mother was Ann Borodell and he was their fourth child born in Stonington, CT in 1653. This photo was shared by my cousin Fred Burdick. 

The current Denison genealogy doesn't tell me why he went to live in Rhode Island (#7, p. 3) and it says he was a Deputy in 1707. He and his wife had 9 children and only lost one in infancy. His daughter named Desire is my ancestor and she was named after the infant who died. (all that says is "died young").

His will is in the older Baldwin & Clift genealogy, which I own, so I will have to read that as I have not done so yet. 

His wife is most interesting and so I didn't post both stones together.

Cemetery is WY042 and I searched for it on the Rhode Island Cemetery Commission's site by "code". It is now called the George Denison Ground but he and his wife are the only Denison's buried there!


Anonymous said...

Hi Midge, So glad you have this photo and know where your ancestor was buried. Gee, slate stone really do stand the test of time well compared with other kinds of stone. Nice post as usual, Midge!

Midge Frazel said...
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Midge Frazel said...
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