Sunday, November 09, 2014

Sentimental Sunday: Kindred Folk Shop Together

Shopping and Lunch in Garden City, Cranston, Rhode Island, 2014

Last summer, I enjoyed a trip to my hometown in Rhode Island where I met with fellow genealogist Diane MacLean Boumenot of Warwick, RI. (Warwick is the city that abuts my old neighborhood)

We didn't talk much genealogy but we had lunch and a bit of shopping delight in Garden City. One of Diane's daughters met up with us and shares my love of makeup and nail polish so that really made it  fun for me. Shopping is a Rhode Island delight.

Today, Diane released her wildly popular shopping list for genealogists. I hope this will be a yearly adventure for her and I plan to get on the lookout for great items that make for great shopping for us kindred folk.

It is my pleasure to re-post Diane's, 50 Gifts for Genealogists, 2014.

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