Monday, December 22, 2014

Dinna See the Bottom, Dinna Wade

Up to date books in print about Scottish genealogy, 2014

"Gin ye dinna see the bottom, dinna wade"

Well, I canna see the bottom of the piles of printouts and notes I have accumulated over the past two years, so I guess that I "dinna wade" until I get the paper under control. I pulled out a file folder and put the loose papers in it until after the holidays.

The notebook I have been using, does work, so I am going to transcribe using the method I have set up because I can do it while I watch TV. If I do two a day, I might get it done by New Year's. I won't report back on that unless I get something exciting.

Web sites are not as useful as the books above. I have found that one that is about Kirkcudbrightshire is quite good because it covers the locations in which many (if not all) of my lowland Scots lived and died. It is listed by Parish.

"The site is a celebration of the people and places in the former county of Kirkcudbright in Dumfries and Galloway." [Jim Bell]

I found my great grandfather, John Broadfoot, (1853-1926) monument maker and stone cutter's death notice in "Death Notices Published in Local Newspapers". It is another piece of evidence for him. I struggle to find more that one source.  

Wirth, Colin. Scottish Proverbs. Glasgow: Birlinn Limited, 2000.
Bell, Jim, Historical index of the People and Places of the Stewardry  of Kirkcudbrightshire. as accessed 21 December, 2014.

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