Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Repeat Tombstone Tuesday: Where Are my Great Grandparents?

Photo by Virgil Veal, permission granted to post
The Aiken Monument
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I looked and looked and looked for my Aiken great-grandparents in the River Bend Cemetery in Westerly, RI 

Well, there weren't there! They are buried in Georgia of all places! In Lithonia City Cemetery in DeKalb county. They retired here sometime after the 1920 census where they were living in Westerly, Rhode Island.

David and Ann Aiken found the area, where the a kind of red granite is cut in Georgia, a lovely place to live and work. The clue that they lived in Georgia after they left Scotland was that they named a daughter Georgina.

Sometimes they went and lived in Rhode Island. But, when they retired they went back to Georgia. Without the late Virgil Veal and his wife (my cousin) Ann I would have been looking for the rest of my life and not found this family monument and their headstones.

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