Friday, February 20, 2015

Week 6: Day 20: MITHER'S WORK

Mithers Work
Week 7
"A' mithers go to work"
("All mothers are working mothers")
Neil Wilson Publishing (May 31, 2011)]

Mother's Work is never done, is it? This Scottish saying is a good reminder of how much work our ancestral mothers had to do.

For my Scots Do-Over, I felt it was important to focus as much on the women in my tree as the men. When I took a course in Scottish genealogy, I was told that women often went by their maiden name for their whole life. I did notice that when I was given the actual photograph of the gravestone in Dalbeattie and when I learned to use genealogy software, I discovered that using the surname of women really took the sting out of being known as wife of "man's surname". 

When given the copies of the photographs of John Broadfoot and his wives Jane Hannah and Helen Tait, I made sure they were always referred as their full and whole name. With so many repeating first names, it is easy to confuse the children's with the first names of the grandparents. 

Women in my ancestral line were traditional "stay at home" mothers after their marriage. With so many children and a vegetable garden to tend, I guess they certainly were working

But, much to my surprise, many of the women worked outside the home or took care of aged family members, BEFORE they married and some were teenagers.

For the do-over this week, Thomas MacEntee has asks us to report on our genealogy software applications. I keep a public tree at and export my data to RootsMagic because I can use that in conjunction with my Mac until there is a stand alone Mac version. I am a dual platform user (both Windows and Mac) at the moment but I will be moving to the Mac platform eventually. I also use Legacy Family Tree. I like their reports.

I own three scanners. One flatbed will sheet feed and the other is a printer-scanner that is terrific. I own a Flip-Pal for portable scanning. It is really amazing. The stitching software pieced together a scan of my Scot grandfather's naturalization papers perfectly. After all, he is the Scot that came to America and gave up his connection to the old country.

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